Engin Nisso Maçoro Albala (b. 1984,  Istanbul) is a multi-national architect with a sophisticated cultural background, graduated from Istanbul Technical University with Bachelor of Architecture Degree in 2006 and Master of Science Degree in 2009.  He is specialized in diagram as a tool for creative process in architectural design.



With many years of experience ranging from concept phase to the construction documentation, and construction on site, both in Architectural and Interior Design projects, has been part of and in leading positions in various projects in different scales and types with partners of varied cultures and nationalities. He has adopted an architectural design approach involving functionality, but also rough constructive forms with characteristic structural elements, formed through a primarily diagrammatic design process.

Questioning the impact of human to the planet, he has developed an inquiry touching the meaning of existence, morality, meaning of life and the way to live- results in an endless quest  that comes with a constant intellectual development, gathering information and better ways of understanding. These results show themselves in personal growth in many forms of cultural activities such as philosophy, music, literature, arts and also in architecture.

He is the Head of Architecture in one of the leading engineering and design firms in Turkey. Besides of his professional activities, he is also interested in philosophy, jazz-fusion music and science-fiction literature.