My Temporary Top Ten List for Music

Although it may seem absurd to create such a list, I have made my own list for top ten music. Except “Classical Music and Soundtracks”, it consist of all pop, rock, jazz and fusion genres, as best music of all times.

The list is temporary, consider that it may change and renewed occasionally…

Categorization depends on specific versions of  songs / pieces of specific performers of specific performances, in prospect of emotion, technique and content. Most of the pieces that are in the list are there especially because I believe are triggers of breakthroughs in music.

1- “Waters of March”  by  Antonio Carlos Jobim (Portuguese: “Águas de Março”) , duet version sung by Jobim and Elis Regina, from the album Elis & Tom (1974).

Exceptional relationship between words, rhythm and rhyme. Reflects a very intensive philosophical and cultural background, near perfectly.Maybe  the best duet performance I have YET seen, exceptional improvisation and reflection of spontaneous character of Bossa-Nova music.

2- “Take Five” by Paul Desmond,  album version, The Dave Brubeck Quartet  “Time Out” – (1959)

A revolutionist approach to Jazz Music, using a non-western 5/4 time, which is a perfectly adapted from traditional Turkish Music by Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck.

3- “How Insensitive by Antonio Carlos Jobim (Portuguese: “Insensatez” – usually translated to “How Insensitive” in English, although the word really means ‘absurdity’ or ‘folly’) duet version sung by Jobim & Sinatra from album “The Sinatra–Jobim Sessions” (1979).

Intensive harmony and revolutionary chords, near perfect relationship between words and music, and a legendary performance.

4- “Minuano (Six Eight)” by Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, album version, Still Life (Talking) (1987).

Extraordinary of musical rhythm by shifting from 6/8 time to different ones, on certain scales. Great example of Jazz Fusion.

5- “Libertango” by Ástor Piazzolla, album version, Libertango (1974)

A great example of a revolution in music. Song name refers to ‘Free Tango’ symbolizing Piazzolla’s break from Classical Tango to Tango Nuevo (New Tango).  A deeper approach would be that this song, as most of the Piazzola’s music, it perfectly expresses the rebellion spirit of public through the political instabilities of Argentina.

6- “Fragile” by Sting, album version, Nothing Like the Sun (1987).

A perfect metaphorical expression of words through music, by unique guitar playing style of exceptional touch.

7- “Spirit of Air” by Pat Metheny, from musical project album Orchestrion (2010).

A recent breaktrough in Music through using hand-made singular self playing artificially intelligent instruments. Legendary performance of Jazz-fusion.

8- “Suffering” by Lars Danielsson, from album Libera Me (2004)

A great composition, a great example of Jazz Fusion, and melodic playing of counterbase guitar.

9- “Faces” by Fahir Atakoğlu, from album, Faces & Places (2010).

Perfect fusion of Turkish spirit of music and rhytym with contemporary Jazz, and a great composition in every way. Outstanding performance.

10- “A Thousand Years” by Sting, album version, Brand a New Day (1999).

A very distinctive song, I believe that it may even have been a trigger for a new genre, between ambient and popular music.

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